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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Daughter's School in CA

Business Week recently ranked her school as one of the top in the nation. To my surprise ahead of Walnut and Arcadia.

It seems the school district we live in is upset that so many of their top students go to the Walnut School District, which has my daughter's school in it. Under a school choice initiative. So they want to stop that district of choice one (it's all about funding), and actually force students who have been going to other districts, to return to their home district.

The editorial in the LA Times, Smart choice for California schools, is in support of renewing the school choice, but has some strange comments. They are surprised at the high number of Asians who decide they would rather attend Walnut School District (with better scores) than Rowland. With a high focus on education in the Chinese and Korean communities, taking the extra effort to commute to Walnut just makes sense. It would be a lot easier if I did not have to drive my daughter to school every morning, especially when she had zero period at 7AM, but I like her school much better than the ones I saw in Rowland. And she is doing very well there. I know of a teacher in Rowland who is also sending her kids to the Walnut District because of the same reasons (and had to go through a huge battle to make that happen).



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