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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mother-in-law Domino Theory of Rooms

Parental respect is huge in Chinese Culture, traditionally. When my in-laws speak, my wife jumps. So my in-laws room has a bit of a paint smell, so what to do? My wonderful wife decided this morning that her home office on the 2nd floor should be converted back to a bedroom, and that her stuff would evict me out of my at home office, since I am not using it. I have an office outside the home and when at home, I work next to my daughter on the computer at the kitchen table. My office had become a storage area truthfully that I was trying to ignore.

The good thing is everything got moved! And we found a lot of stuff that we could get rid of (always good). And my in-laws are happy!

The negative is my aching back and we still have a lot more stuff, now in my bedroom, that needs to be gone through. The good thing when you move is you get rid of a lot of stuff. If you have not touched it in a couple of years, you probably don't need it. The challenge is organizing everything and not keeping it in boxes after you move. Unfortunately, there were a number of items still in boxes from our last move a couple of years ago in my office.



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