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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My First Chinese Reader - Learn Chinese through Stories

Am happy to see that people are getting My First Chinese Reader as the summer has started. Maybe parents are already giving their kids a headstart on learning Chinese this vacation?

My First Chinese Reader is a favorite because their entire line is based on the principle of Learning Chinese through stories. Everyone likes stories, it is somehow easier to remember. How many of us in our adult years still fondly remember obscure short stories we read (or saw) when we were kids?

My First Chinese Reader was designed to be used by 2nd grade to 6th grade students just starting to learn Chinese. Each level has a textbook, workbook, Teacher's/ Parent's Guide and software (each sold separately). You can also choose from Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

sample pages inside

Tip: if you see Better Chinese materials in our website, please do connect this with My First Chinese Reader because they have an assortment of helpful materials in different levels. Better Chinese materials include My First Chinese Words for the Very Beginner and Discovering Chinese for the bigger kids.

Better Chinese also has supplement materials for My First Chinese Reader that kids will like, like
  • 10-in-1 game set
  • a writing exercise book
  • dictionary that feature words in the lessons
  • other CD-ROM software for stories, idioms, etc.
  • Audio CDs to hear the tones
  • Chinese games instruction book for teachers and parents.
Big Bonus: Since kids are expected to learn Chinese through stories, parents and teachers can also gain access to more Chinese stories that the children can use daily.

Yes, it does look fun, doesn't it? Go check out My First Chinese Reader at ChildBook.



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