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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning Chinese with Kids and Parents

It's the theme of this weeks Learning Chinese Sale.

As your kids are learning Chinese so can you! I have many families call me up and plan for everyone, including Mom and Dad to work on their Chinese. It's nice to have a Learning Environment with the whole family working together. And Learning a foreign language needs a lot of support at home to be truly successful. A good start for those familes serious about Learning Chinese is choosing a Chinese Curriculum. This ads a structured approach that is helpful for most people.

Some ideas:

1. Activities for the entire family. Go to some local Chinese New Year Celebrations.

2. Eat lunch at a Chinese Restaurant.

3. Visit a local Chinatown.

4. Reading to your kids. If you have a native Chinese speaker in the family, have them read stories to your kids in Chinese.

5. For everyone a great series that uses a story based approach is My First Chinese Words. There are related series for older kids such as My First Chinese Reader for ages 7-11 and Discovering Chinese for ages 12+. Other parents prefer different styles of Learning Chinese. Practical Chinese is a very down to earth method that I highly recommend for teaching Traditional Characters who is a native speaker/reader. Others prefer a more polished series such as Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for kids.

6. Get some CD's with books that are Bilingual Chinese English Songs, where the song is sung and in Chinese and then English! Learning Chinese through songs is a lot of fun and a great family activity. Most of them have a book to help.



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