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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Notes About Learning-Chinese Curriculum Textbooks

One of the top questions we always get from parents and teachers is about Learning Chinese curriculum textbooks.

The basic information about our curriculum textbooks is at the ChildBook Curriculum Textbooks page, but here are some other points that may help you choose the textbook most suitable for your child or students.

Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids are attractive looking and the kids like using it. Parents also like that there is a Parent/ Teacher's Guide in Traditional or Simplified Chinese.

Word of tween caution though: Our bigger kids are not exactly thrilled when they see their book entitled "Chinese Made Easy for Kids", so best use this series for the smaller kids set. For tweens and above, do use the Chinese Made Easy series.

An alternative for tweens/ junior high/ middle school kids is the Kuaile Hanyu series. Lessons are cartoon-ish and the videos and software show young teens (junior high age) on exchange student trips to Beijing.

If you think stories will be more interesting for your child, the Better Chinese books series will be appreciated: These are: My First Chinese Words for small children, My First Chinese Reader for younger elementary grades, then Discovering Chinese and Magical Tour of China for teens and adults. Better Chinese matches the stories to the level of the student. Plus there are optional stories/lessons you can avail if desired.

Practical Chinese by Wendy Lin has a simple-looking layout, but customers with Chinese-speaking parents (especially if from Taiwan) find it very useful. These are also best if you desire for your child to learn Traditional Chinese. Plus there are many levels that the child can use until grown up.
Also good to note that parents also appreciate that the textbook's author, Ms. Wendy Lin, responds to questions about the lessons.

And not to be confused with the series previously mentioned, the New Practical Chinese Reader (NPCR) is a popular textbook series used by late high school and college students. The content is interesting. Chinese words, conversations, the storyline and lessons are specifically for older teens.

These are some of the usual highlights of the text books that parents and teachers like.

If you have more questions about the textbooks, please send us an email.

PS. Oh! Oh! Special mention since we're talking about textbooks, you might want to check out practice tests for Chinese proficiency examiantions.

Our Chinese SAT review books are very popular among high school students.
Plus the AP Chinese Exams is on May. It's not too late to review, we have Barron's and Bih-Hsya Hsieh's practice tests.

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