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Sunday, August 8, 2010

China Missile Threat - 2 Views

China is developing a missile that may be able to sink an aircraft carrier. After President Clinton in a Taiwan election put three US Air Craft Carriers off China' coast sending a message the US would back Taiwan, China's military's focused on preventing this in the future. They have developed a missile that theoretically could take out an air craft carrier. One view is its a huge threat and neutralizes the premier method of US force projection for protecting Taiwan. The other is China's military has a huge corruption problem leading to quality issues and have not even been tested yet and is a lot of hype.

The two views:

Chinese Missile could shift Pacific power balance - Christian Science Monitor

What Goes Around, Comes Around - Strategy Page

Older Post:

Red Dawn 2010 with China as the Invader - Film got delayed due to MGM's bankruptcy. As did the Hobbit.

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