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Monday, October 11, 2010

killing a chicken to scare the monkeys

New Chinese phrase - killing a chicken to scare the monkeys is the idea of scaring a group by harshly punishing one.  As can be seen, this time it has not worked.

I feel that China is shooting itself in the foot (An American idiom).  China is making the front page of US papers repeatedly in a negative way with their actions toward the latest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. And creating even more opportunities for news the Chinese government does not want to high light. 

I am surprised, because usually the Chinese government handles the media better.

A good article - Nobel Prize Guys Shouldn't Hold Breath on China: William Pesek - Bloomberg.

An article that shows more of the Chinese Government View that is a good read to understand the Chinese Government on why they are doing what they are doing - Why won't China argue the case for locking up Liu Xiaobo? - UK Telegraph

This is a great quote from the Telegraph Article:

 It is this brittleness, this startling paranoia, this terror (to use their word) that even incremental reform might bring the house down that should worry everyone in the West which needs a China with functioning legal, political and social institutions.


China's Nobel Threats Backfire - The Daily Beast.
Chinese activist dedicates Nobel prize to Tiananmen victims - Yahoo News
Chinese Nobel prize winner's wife detained - CNN.com
Wife Detained After Visiting Nobel Winner - NY Times
UN experts urge release of Chinese Nobel laureate - Associated Press.



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