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Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Laptops in the Class Room may be a distraction

Why laptops in class are distracting America's future workforce - CS Monitor

Laptops in college classrooms are no longer just educational tools – they're distracting our future workers. During class, students tumble down these rabbit holes of diversion – losing their focus and undermining human connections so crucial to learning.
I read recently where a local school just got a bunch of laptops.  My first thought was how will this help students?  Laptops with Internet access in a class room are potentially a huge distraction. 
An old movie about a Cal Tech type university, had students using tape recorders in classes.  And then later on it shows the professor using a tape recorder to lecture with, while all the students using tape recorders.

I favor an interaction type of educational experience with communication going both ways.  Straight lectures can be automated, but a great educator goes beyond lecturing.



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