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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PR & Tiger Mom

Obviously Amy Chua's book,   Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother hit a sore spot.  5000 comments on WSJ article Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior - WSJ.com, which is a record.

Now Amy Chua is toning it down as fast as possible.  The article was taken out of context and took the most controversial parts of the book.  And that she had no control over the final edits.  Amy Chua - Retreat of the 'Tiger Mother' - NYTimes.com

What I noticed was on the publisher's site (now toned down) was where a lot of the material originally came from.  My guess is the publist/public relations person for the book looked for what was the best way to create as much buzz as possible about the book.

What was missed by the author, and the publicist, is there are a lot of hurt and angry people who have been brought up in strict parenting so called Chinese method.  The result was some 'Tiger Mother' Amy Chua Gets Death Threats Over Parenting Essay.  At Cal State Fullerton due to suicides the tallest buildings have barriers now. Asian American Women per this blog, Mangan's: Another Side to Chinese Moms, have highest rates of suicide of any group. 

Combined with some people who are worried about too much homework.  Are today's kids getting too much homework? : The Mommy Files

Bottom line is parenting is like a mine field with all sorts of different opinions on what works and what does not work.  My thoughts are here - http://blog.childbook.com/2011/01/why-chinese-mothers-are-superior-wsjcom.html



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