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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Norwegian Spirit - Designed for Asian Market

The cruise ship I was on for my 1 week vacation in the Carribean was built for the Asian market.  It was originally called the SuperStar Leo for Star Cruises (owned by a Maylasian tycoon, Lim Goh Tong, who is ethnic Chinese, and was a birthday present for his  son's wife).

Features for the Asian Market:
  1. Red Carpets
  2. Asian Antiques in the stairway (my understanding was they are real - from India, Cambodia, and Thailand).
  3. Roman theme for the pool area
  4. Chinese restaurant (Tai Pan with giant clay soldiers outside)
  5. Shogun (Japanese restaurant, similar to Benihana's)
  6. Gourmet restaurant called Maxim's (changed to a steak house after the transfer to Norwegian).
  7. Picture house (cinema) that was changed to a live stage.
  8. Mahjong Room is now gone.
  9. The Bund (Karoke) was changed to a regular bar.
  10. Children's computer center I assume was changed to a general computer center for Internet access
The ship was transferred to Norwegian Cruise Lines (which is partially owned by Star Cruises).  The central casino area was changed to a giant atrium.



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