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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My First Chinese Words Learning Chinese Curriculum by Better Chinese

I am a big fan of reading as a way both for learning, teaching, and working with your young child. Even for a child who does not how to read yet, I believe its helpful to read to them. They can see the pictures and its a great way to interact with your child. My favorite is My First Chinese Words that comes with 36 books and a CD.

My First Chinese WordsThe book are nice and simple, which is great for short attention spans. At the kindergarten age, you don't want anything too long.

The box that contains the 36 books and CD to give you an idea of the size

Open Box for sizing information. .

Each page has a picture as well as a simple s on each page have a sentence in Chinese Characters and Pinyin. There is an English translation at the end of each book.

The sets are available in both Simplified and Traditional Characters.

My First Chinese Words Set (36 Books + Audio CD), Simplified Chinese

My First Chinese Words Set (36 Books + Audio CD), Traditional Chinese


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