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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

US textbooks will be the new digital battlefield

A bit scary as a Chinese Textbook seller.

US textbooks will be the new digital battlefield - The Telegraph

Great comments on the article at a site for authors called The Passive Voice. If your a book author, this is a must read site.

The article explains why Microsoft made the deal for B&N's Nook. It was about content for Tablets running Windows 8. I am amazed how much market share the iPad has, compared to any other tablets out there. Last I read 64% of Tablets were iPad's, Amazon's Fire started out strong, but has weakened. And Android's are still going. Amazon's tablets run a version of Android, but its hidden in the background. Per the MIT Technology Review, smart phones are spreading faster than any other technology, and tablets are not far behind.

I have noticed a lot of customers using iPad's to place their orders on childbook.com


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