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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Battle heats up among Chinatown bubble tea shops

Typical - where one shop can do OK, then more open since the first is doing great. And then everyone suffers usually. I have seen this a couple of times. A family friend's Taiwanese restaurant had a competitor open next door to them, so they got into a pricing war. The family friend was furious that the property management company would allow a competitor next door. The end result was the other company finally closed, and my friend then sold their restaurant and the new owners had to close it. And the spot is still empty at that mall, so the property management company also lost.

Sometimes, it can actually be good to have a cluster of businesses in an area and it actually helps everyone. An example of that is all the Chinese wedding photography studios in Temple City.

Battle heats up among Chinatown bubble tea shops - Philly.com

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