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Monday, September 2, 2013

How Can You Help Your Kids Get Good Grades?

School days are back and I thought of writing a topic that's close to my heart every time a school year starts. 

How Do You Help Your Kids Get Good Grades? 

First let's clarify that your children getting good grades doesn't depend on them alone. It needs team work and lots of patience from you and them.

Let's not expect our kids to get good grades when 1) we let them do all of the house hold chores during exam week 2) give them too much time for TV and less for study time 3)we do not look out for tell-tale signs of disinterest on certain subjects, worse on all subjects. 

There are these triggers that often are left unattended in hopes that the child will outgrow it only to find out it didn't. 

Here's a thorough article I wrote a few years back about this same topic, which I ressurected because I think it still applies to how we parents, can help our kids get good grades. 


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