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Monday, September 9, 2013

Difference Between Chinese Made Easy /Kids and Better Chinese Producdst

Customer Question:

What is the difference between Chinese Made Easy/Chinese made Easy for Kids and Easy Steps for Chinese?

Also, would completing Chinese Made Easy series equal to completing the Better Chinese series through Magical Tour of China? What are the difference between these two programs?

My Answer:

Chinese Made Easy and Easy Steps are about the same. They have different publishers, same author, and Easy Steps is a bit newer.

Better Chinese has this order:
My First Chinese Words
My First Chinese Reader / Discovering Chinese
Magical Tour of China - Simplified Chinese only

Chinese Made Easy for Kids focuses more on verbal, where Chinese Made Easy includes writing. Chinese made easy for kids is supposed to go before Chinese made easy, but I have seen teachers use both together.

Magical Tour of China is a little more advanced than Chinese Made Easy.

Better Chinese products are designed around a story based approach for teaching.

What I find is Better Chinese has an amazing amount of support materials, including CD Roms, worksheets, assessments, teaching guides with lesson plans that reduce the amount of work needed by a Chinese Teacher. The negative is it's pricier than Chinese Made Easy.

For value, I recommend Chinese Made Easy for kids / Chinese Made Easy. For overall quality and products available, I recommend the Better Chinese system.

I hope that helps,


Ray, Owner

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