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Friday, August 29, 2008

Importer Mistake - So Make Lemonade

I thought I would be clever and order a bunch of the a soft cover book of the Monkey King in traditional characters that comes with a CD, part of a series that is a great value.. The problem is everyone just buys their favorite one (I started with 30 of each).

So I got 20 of them today...

Only one minor problem. Any guesses?

No CD. And the books have the same ISBN number, so time to make some lemonade and sell the book without CD for a bit less. I need to set up some new part numbers, soon as that is done I"ll link to it here. I have re-ordered them and hopefully this time they will show up with a CD. The wonders of importing, you are never 100% sure what you will get in a shipment :-)



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