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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Next Bailout: Your Family - Student Loans

The Next Bailout: Your Family from the Wall Street Journal. As my daughter is getting closer to colleges this article was timely. An example is the average college graduate has 22,000 in student loans and many also have credit card debts. An extreme example was a person with $160,000 cost for college and now has $20,000 in student loans, and the best job they could get was making $40,000 a year. So now they plan to go to law school. Hopefully they read this blog post before applying. http://www.elsblog.org/the_empirical_legal_studi/2008/07/how-the-cravath.html

Disclaimer - my wife's cousin, the family star worked at Cravath before he started his own firm.



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