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Friday, December 5, 2008

China prepares blacklist of dangerous food additives

China prepares blacklist of dangerous food additives from the Herald Tribune.

The article is pretty sparse, my feeling is this is more of a publicity gambit. The real issue is how to enforce the current standards and requirements in China, which gets into the following the law, which gets into the issue of a working civil society (ie one that has a much lower level of corruption). My opinion is until the level of corruption is substantially reduced there will continue to be these type of challenges. The challenge is corruption is so widespread and reaches so far up, that the ruling party is afraid to confront it since they believe this would endanger their position, by showing an area of weakness.

What I believe is needed is for China to free up the press and let it go after corruption, no matter what the level. The US had a Vice President, Spiro Agnew, who pleaded guilty to taking a bribe. That's the #2 person in the US and it shows how far the US has come in reducing corruption. The US had a period of corruption that reached pretty far up in government, but through reformers it has become minimal (yes, I know about the congressman with FBI money in his freezer, and reelected in 2006). He just lost the 2008 election! Voters Oust Indicted Congressman in Louisiana from the NY Times.



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