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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ChildBook's Chinese Coloring Pages can also be Free Blog Resource

This came up as nice compliment in our sister site, EliteDresses, about a nice lady asking permission to use EliteDresses coloring pictures.

We'd just like to clarify that yes, we allow the use of our coloring pictures for your blogs or hard copy designs. For bloggers who wish to use our Chinese coloring pictures, if you would be kind enough to add us a link, that is enough. A note to lead us to the url where you used it is nice also. For those who would like to use it in their hard copy designs, you can shoot a photo and post it at your blog or web page, or send us an email of the finished product.

For those who'd like to post pictures in their blogs, you may choose from the following Chinese coloring pages:

Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival.
Coloring pictures of kids in Chinese dress,
Chinese zodiac animals,
Chinese characters,
Chinese families,
Chinese weddings ,

and more. Please browse our Chinese Coloring Pictures section to see if you'd like to use any.

It is always our pleasure to help out :-)

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