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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Power of Talking to Your Baby

I agree with this:
a child’s exposure to language spoken by parents and caretakers from birth to age 3, the more the better.

Great data:
Children whose families were on welfare heard about 600 words per hour. Working-class children heard 1,200 words per hour, and children from professional families heard 2,100 words.

The studies I read while getting my Masters in Teaching pointed this out. My view is Baby Brains are like a sponge, and you can either fill them up with lots of language exposure, or you don't. Baby brains respond to being exercised, just like any other muscle. The headache is culturally, some Mothers did not realize they need to talk lots and lots to their Babies. Talking is the best, I am anti TV for small kids unless carefully used as a tool. I like the idea of reading to Baby's, as a way to increase their language exposure, as well as more parent / child time.

There is a lot of learning Chinese programs for Babies, such as Baby Learns Chinese, which I regard more as a video flash card. I favor books personally, such as the 36 book set.

The Power of Talking to Your Baby - NY Times



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