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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Virtual Learning and Unions

My guess is no because of:
  • Huge growth in home schooling
  • College Costs that are crazy. Something will change
  • Ability to offer specialized classes
  • Ability to move forward in some states
  • Huge demand by students
  • The current school system in the US is seen as dysfunctional by all parties
  • Huge advances and changes in learning technology
  • Major universities are putting their content online for free
Against this you have the power of the teacher unions. My guess is in some states they will be successful in slowing down virtual learning, but others states will be successful using virtual teaching eventually.

My entire family has taken online  classes, and they have positives and negatives. A huge positive is they are more convenient, and reduce the commute. And for a lecture class, what difference does it make if its online or not. One of my daughter's college finance teachers commented that the online students were getting higher grades, than the regular students taking the class - she took it online last summer. For a small seminar class, I agree, an in person experience would be better. The problem is most classes are lectures to a large audience based on a Prussian Model, that has changed little in the last hundred years.

Will Teachers Unions Kill Virtual Learning? - Slate
New educational technologies could be great for kids—if regulations and politics don’t get in the way.

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