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Thursday, June 18, 2009

ChildBook Wants to Learn about What You Want

It's been quite sometime that we wanted to hear about what YOU'd like to see in ChildBook. We'd like to make site changes about what you expect from us as your kids go about Learning Chinese.

So today, janan! We finally sent a little email asking a favor to please fill us in on what you want us to provide and sell.

We are really committed to changing things over here at ChildBook according to what you want. As marketers and sellers, there is the tendency to share the product's features and quite forgetting about your entire day-to-day experience with your children learning Chinese over the years.

So please do share how we can improve. We promise to make things better so more children will benefit from having the Chinese language advantage.

Please answer our few questions in the email we sent. Thank you thank you! Xie Xie!



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